A Nigerian Lady who is a die-hard fan of Wizkid has gone as far as tattooing the Singer’s face to her back.

Another lady saw the photos and shared them on social media.

Find below the pictures, including some sample comments;


johnandrews028: She must be a Yoruba girl. They all lack good upbringing. All they know is how to spread legs, open P and receive plenty D in one day. That’s why Yoruba land has the highest number of Bastards in the country.

 Lol the wiskid on her back sha b looking like d broke wizkid.u i hope wizkid will call her n say take this one million.thank u for tattooing me on ur back

 It’s the thought that counts,whether it looks good or bad.This is her own painful way of showing how much she loves WizKid…..P

: This is what happens when your tattoo has been your crush for so many years and you just show up one day and tell him to draw wizkid on your back !!!😂 The artiste be like .. No worry nah 😂