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Don’t identify as a single mom if you intentionally cut your partner off — Actress Etinosa

Nollywood actress Etinosa has made a case against women who cut off their partners in the lives of their children and then refer to themselves as single mothers.

The actress took to her Instagram stories to air her thoughts about this. Etinosa stated that a woman who intentionally cut off her partner because she is hurt and then also cut him off from the lives of her children has no right to be called a single mother.

The screen goddess said that such a woman should not join the single mothers who were truly abandoned to cry wolf.

“If you use your hands to cut off a man from your life for hurting your feelings and then go ahead to cut him off from his children lives, it will be very manipulative, wicked and callous to join the real single mothers that have been abandoned to cry wolf,” she said

The actress stated that a woman who cuts off her partner in the name of revenge is also punishing their children.

“Very manipulative using an innocent child, the blessing God gave you both, to punish your boo for the rest of his life for hurting you in one way or the other. What you don’t know, you are punishing that child too,” she said.


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