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‘Don’t try this if you are not married’ – Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey says as wife gives him a peck

Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey, who is renowned for staging a viral social media fellowship session called #Halleluyahchallenge, has shared a photo showing his wife giving him a peck on the chick.

Sharing the picture, Nathaniel Bassey warned people not to try out what he and his wife did in the picture if they are not married.

Writing on his social media, Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey wrote:

So on our way to Coventry, She steals a peck from a “Holy Man Of God🙏”🤓😂😀. But don’t try this if you are not married o…😔.This lady right here is my miracle and testimony. If Satan had his way, this should not happen. Few weeks back, Satan thought He had the last card. But little did He know the Strong Tower was yet to declare His intentions. And His intention is that we live to fulfill our days. She doesn’t even look like someone who went through the fire.there isn’t even a scent of smoke on her. I prophesy to you right now, every storm comes to an end now in Jesus’ name. You’ll pass through that fire unhurt, without a trace or scent of smoke in Jesus’ name.


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