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Elites Drag Ka3na For Naming Her New Fashion Line “Star Girl” Collections

The fans of a former housemate for Big Brother Naija season 5 Erica Nlewedim, Elites have dragged the former housemate of BBNbaija and the Cheif executive of Ka3na Premium Line (KPL), Katrina Jones.

The CEO of Ka3na Premium Line (KPL), Katrina Jones is well known as Ka3na a few months ago, officially launched her clothing line and invited a reverend father to help her launch and officially open it.

Ka3na is currently being bashed by the fan of and supporting team of Erica also known as “star girl” after she named her new collection as “Star girl” collection. In a recent post made on Twitter, Ka3na shared her new clothes from her clothing line and captioned her post, “Introducing The Stargirl Collection By #KPLFashion

. This time for my gurl @EricaNlewedim Elites Get In Here”.



It appears the fans of the former housemante of Big Brother Naija and brand influencer Erica didn’t like the fact that Ka3na used Erica’s nickedname which has been trademakred for her collections. Most of the fans have dragged her on twitter while some demanded the name be changed.

Read some comments from some Elites below…..

Tbaby: Is d embarrassment for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Latrina in d mud Copycart

Latash: NO NO NO! That is not the way you do business! The first stop should be @Upfrontbookings ! That name is trademarked ONLY Erica can use it for business! Kindly use your own! Lastly, never ever address Elites! Erica is our president only she can address us!!!

E for Erica: Awwn..Ka3na you are doing well But Our queen needs to address us first.

Aaron: I hope you know that stargirl is a trademarked name by Erica Nlewedim. Using Someone’s trademarked name, is not business wise at all. Lastly just know you can’t order us around, know how to write a caption with respect.#Elites are Erica fans not you.


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