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“Erica is using you & Kiddwaya to catch cruise for the internet” – Kaisha advises Laycon (video)

Kaisha has advised Laycon to speak with Erica so he would know his fate and position in her life in other not to be used to catch ‘cruise’.

Laycon still has Erica at heart but can’t see things clearly because she is more intimate with Kiddwaya more than before.

According to Laycon, she told him she doesn’t want a relationship, for now, all she is focusing on is her career and money.

Again, she told him whatever she has with Kiddwaya is unserious and just a joke, Kaisha told him point-blank that Erica is using him and kiddwaya to catch cruise for the internet if that is what she told him.

She advised him to have an extensive chat with her by giving her an ultimatum, if she chooses Kiddwaya then he, Laycon walks away.

Video below:


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