Etinosa actually had the intention of going unclad on MC Galaxy’s Instagram days before she did (Screenshot)


The Nigerian entertainment industry is one that has left fans with series of interesting and questionable events carried out by celebrities.

Popular comedian and actress, Etinosa, has become the topic of discussion on social media after she went completely unclad on musician MC Galaxy’s Instagram live video.

The young woman who appeared to be drunk removed her underwear and brassiere as the singer seemed to urge her on. He read out comments that encouraged her to undress while he ignored those which implored him to end the video.

Etinosa was also seen drinking from a shot glass as she started complaining about how her boyfriend stresses her and that she knows he has joined the live video just to see what she is up to.

The comic lady added that she wants to live life on her own terms without pleasing anyone.

New findings have revealed that currently trending Instagram comedienne, Etinosa had actually had the intention of going nude on singer, MC Galaxy’s Instagram days before she did.

Recall that days ago, the singer was under fire by social media users after he was accused of making a lady go nude on his IG live for the sum of 50k.

The report went viral as actress, Toyin Abraham even called him out as she said his action was debasing and bad.

She wrote in part,

Dear MC Galaxy, what you did asking girls to go naked for 50k is despicable, debasing, and bad in every way. You just further strengthen the believe that the easiest way women can get things is to sell their bodies. I sincerely can’t fathom what you need or gain from this despicable act when you could have checked in on porn sites. I am not trying to be a moral judge, I am the least qualified to judge a fellow human, but just the way you used your influence and platform for this woman-debasing act, I am also using mine to stand against an act ridiculing women and further prove that some men are scum.

There’s been several reactions to the whole saga with many Nigerians slamming the singer for not cutting her off before she did the dirty deed because she was clearly drunk.

In a new development, it’s as though the comedienne had actually planned on going nude on the singer’s page as days before, she’d commented on his page that she’s going to strip on his IG live.

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