Home Entertainment News Etinosa shares appreciation post as she opens up on pregnancy challenges

Etinosa shares appreciation post as she opens up on pregnancy challenges

The year 2020 has come to an end and popular Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia, recently took to social media to celebrate the start of a new beginning.

Etinosa used her post to walk her fans through her motherhood journey of defeating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which usually makes conceiving difficult. The Nollywood star went further to encourage women who had similar health issues with her to never give up, and that they should be careful, as not to be exploited by people who will give them false medication.

She also encouraged them to trust in God, and ignore people that would mock them. The general overview of Etinosa’s post is gratitude for motherhood and well wishes to her fans, coworkers, and family.

The stunning actress recently announced the news of her pregnancy, and she seems to be basking in the ambience of motherhood.

“I am ending the year on a high note. Full of Thanksgiving. Thanks to my family and friends. Thanks to all my employers- Filmmakers and Businesses that trusted me with their projects. Thanks to my fans and viewers. Special thanks to the management and staff of The Ark Clinic. And above all, thanks to God Almighty. “This year l defeated PCOS. This year I carried my own child. To every woman TTC, please do not give up. Do not let anyone exploit you by selling all sorts of medications to you, be careful. Please try to be happy and trust this God. If anyone is mocking you, try to avoid and protect your space. The God that did it for me will rise up for you in due season. We shall all see the new year and celebration will be our portion.”


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