Home Entertainment News Excited new mother inks face of son on her back (Photo)

Excited new mother inks face of son on her back (Photo)

Every mother has a way of showing how much they love their offspring but this lady took it to a whole new level.

An excited new mother has gotten the attention of social media users after a photo of her son and his face tattooed on her back went viral.

In this social media age, people are picking up different things and this mother who boldly tatted her son’s face on her back might have just started a trend.

It is public knowledge how much women love their kids and would do almost anything for them. Turns out one of those things is carrying their baby’s face inked on their body for the rest of their lives. While some people have come out to praise the mother for her bravery, some others have frowned against it, concluding it is a bit too much.

Reacting to it, someone wrote:

“Cool, but not needed… Someone like me dat want to have like 17 children nko?? and be an alhaji..My wife body wee be paining her.”

“My son’s name would go on my right arm.” another person added.

Some feel the mother of the child took matters too far by inking her son’s face on her back.


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