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Exposed! Man shares conversation he had with a Lagos big boy who uses pretty ladies for blood money

A Twitter User @Burmese_Tyga has shared screenshots of a conversation between two friends to prove that indeed not all that glitters is gold.

He also claim to have the permission of one of them to share it.

Sharing the screenshots, he wrote:

And so we hatched a plan to go chat the nigga up so he can get a lil more info on their MO …we was worried about the effect on other innocent people who might be dating or sleeping with someone who’s is fucking with these ritualists.

Apparently, one of them is into money ritual, using different ladies for ritual. He explained further, that he doesn’t have to sleep with the ladies, all he needs to do is spend his money on them…
The ritualist who claimed that his mother is a Pastor, said he spent three nights naked inside a room during the “DESTINY BOOSTING RITUAL”.

Their chats below:

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