The relationship between Peter Okoye a.k.a Mr. P and his brothers might look toxic from afar, but he insisted that they are cordial though he won’t be considering doing business with them.

Mr. P insisted that he is at peace with his brothers Paul and Jude but just won’t be considering entering any business with them.

He stated that he did nothing wrong by revealing the agonizing situation of things which introduced a lot of aggression as seen in a recent video that saw the trio of him, and other siblings, Paul and Jude almost coming to blows in a meeting.

Peter in an interview with The Guardian Life felt it was necessary to speak up about their issues due to the fact he could not keep up with the mess, while also mentioning that their fans needed to know what was going on in the group.

“If I hadn’t opened up, the fans would have seen through it all… The only thing that kept us for the last four years was the shows; it’s not healthy, I can’t do that, I’m sorry.

“It never started from me. If you feel that it is my fault, for telling you guys the truth, look at where it has brought us today.

“I am cool with my brothers but I don’t do (family) business anymore. It’s not healthy,”

he revealed in the chat.