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Fans criticize Miracle for ‘Not Properly Greeting’ The Ooni Of Ife like Davido

BBN 2018 winner, Miracle has come under some serious criticisms from his fans for not prostrating or ‘Not Properly Greeting’ The Ooni Of Ife like Davido did.

Some of his followers have criticized him widely in his comment section.

“When in Rome, behave like the Romans. “Igbos don’t kneel for anybody” yen yen yen. Then he should have stayed at home and not visited an Oba. I like Miracle but it takes nothing out of him to kneel for the Oba like he should.

‘am Ibo, but when I saw this, I was like what the hell. He should be flat on his stomach. My own sha, mayb because I grew up in Lagos. Really lack of respect”

Similarly, another section of his fans has supported him saying he’s Igbo and therefore does not need to greet the Oba in the Yoruba custom.

“Those of you saying he disrespected the Ooni of IIe-Ife for not kneeling, Is the Ooni the Almighty God that everyone that comes across him must knee or prostrate to greet him? He’s human like every other humans the different is just the position he’s in now and the rules and power men placed on that position… Make una free Miracle oo is Ooni complaing to your guys”

onye ibe ri be we igbos don’t prostrate no matter who you are, it’s our culture, we can’t change it bcos of anybody, it started way back from the history of the Igbo’s we no sabi do eye service to please anybody, so when next you want to insult the Igbo’s, make sure you have facts ewu Yoruba

The onni self don’t even mind a simple man but you will be there saying rubbish. Its a choice to remain a slave or not to.

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