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Female doctor laments after breaking her piggy bank to see the amount of money in it

Following the trending twitter news of how diabolic piggy banks can be, we see some Nigerians trying to see how far they have gone in theirs to verify if the news are true.

A certain female Nigerian doctor named, @drseun_, who recently broke her piggy bank took to Twitter to reveal how shocked she was with the amount of money she found in it.

The doctor revealed she was expecting to see at least N20-N30k, but found only N600 after she broke the piggy bank.

Read her tweets below;

“People of the lord !!!! I have gist for you oooo ! Hayyy mind blown

The gist So I’m sure most of you have heard the gist around about people’s money disappearing mysteriously from their kolo (piggybank). Fam that shit is true o. So I’ve been paranoid for a while now, been thinking about breaking mine to be sure my money is still intact !

Told a carpenter nearby to make one for me in February… so I’ve been dropping cash there since then . At least 500naira daily , on some days 1000naira . Constantly!

In my mind I was sure of at least 20-30k or more sef by now ! Fam! My spirit was just telling me “ Seun break this thing “ !!!!!!!

lol and behold , I broke it this morning oooo. Come and see oooo!!!! I have been laughing like a mad person since!!!

Just the 600naira I put 2days ago I met there oooooo!!!!!!! And I stay alone !!! Oh by the way the carpenter travelled this morning . Ice cream for the pain.”


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