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For Him To Say It, Then It’s A Lie – Netizens React To Peter Okoye’s Claims That He’s Making More Money Now

Netizens have reacted to claims of Peter Okoye of Psquare group that he’s making more money as a solo artist than when he was in a group with his brother Paul Okoye, Rudeboy.

Peter Okoye in an interview with Hip TV shaded his brothers Paul Okoye, Rudeboy, and Jude Okoye saying now that he’s a solo artist he can do things his way and doesn’t need to split the income from the music he does with anyone else.


Peter Okoye in his submission said he’s now a free man and very happy with that as he turns to do things his way and not compromise because of a group insinuating that things were hard for him when he was still with his brothers but now he does his own things.

Netizens reacting to his post seems not to believe him saying if it was true that he’s making money as a solo artist, he wouldn’t have been broadcasting in and moreover his brother Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has more hit songs as a solo artist than him.

Others were of the view that he can’t move on from what happened between him and his brothers even though they have moved on he is still talking about it and the money he claims to be making can’t be compared to what Rudeboy is making as a solo artist.

The two brothers after splitting have become a thorn in the flesh of each other as they always shade each other with the slightest opportunity they get to talk about their split which is very sad but guess things can’t go back as it used to be in Psquare days.

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