Beauty queen and actress, Beauty Istifanus, does not subscribe to the notion that men and women are equal. According to her, men are superior to women.

Sharing her thoughts on gender equality with Sunday Scoop, the former Miss Commonwealth said,

“Gender equality is a very serious issue. In fact, from the creation of the world, men have been made superior to women, and being from Kaduna State, trust me that I know better. That is why I keep fighting for female children to be educated so that our voices can be heard, though that doesn’t mean we should equate ourselves with men. But we should, at least, have a say in the society.”

Speaking on the recent controversy that she bleached her skin, Istifanus said,

“There is no iota of truth in that. It is just people being mischievous. Sincerely, I get broken and I cry whenever I see some hurtful things written about me in the media. And sometimes, I wish I was never into entertainment because people always say the total opposite of me. My only strength is my man. He always tells me, ‘anyhow they see it or say it, I love you that way because you are a super woman’.”

The above before and after photos of Beauty Istifanus, the 2015 Queen of Commonwealth Nigeria who also represented Nigeria at 2015 Commonwealth International Pageant, emerged online and have already gone viral on social media.

Beauty Istifanus hails from Kaduna State, Nigeria. She started her career in the Beauty Pageant industry by contesting and emerging the winner of Miss University of Jos 2007.

She also emerged as Miss Glamour Nigeria winner in 2011. She moved on by winning the crown as Miss Ambassador for Peace in 2012.