Home Entertainment News #FuelPriceHike: “Nigerians are slaves” – Tacha reacts to new fuel price (video)

#FuelPriceHike: “Nigerians are slaves” – Tacha reacts to new fuel price (video)

BBNaija star, Tacha, took to social media and described Nigerians as slaves in her reaction to the recent increment in fuel pump price.

The Nigerian government had increased the fuel price to N212 per liter, few weeks after assuring its citizens there wouldn’t be a rise.

The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) announced late Thursday that the new retail price for a litre of petrol for the month will be between N209.61 and N212.61.

The amount sold to fuel depot owners to marketers, will be N206.42, while the landing cost stands at N189.61 per litre, the agency said.

Reacting to the development in a video, Tacha questioned the independence of Nigerians, as she described what is happening in the country as a master slave relationship.

She also sighted the freezing of account of protesters, saying the government might freeze the account of anyone who complains about the situation in the country.

Watch her speak below;

She also wrote on Twitter;

Na ment!! Make all of us dey suffer dey go! The target is N500 per liter! Then our messiah Dangote will come and sell to us @ 350 so let’s not complain too much!
Imagine having 4Refineries the Govt. have made sure not to be working! But we are all waiting for DANGOTE!! Wow


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