Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer has been called out by a Ghanaian blogger who claims she is dating a Ghanaian actor who already has a a girlfriend.

Rosy has been showing off her boyfriend on Social Media with his face covered with a cap or with a smiley apparently in an attempt to hide his real identity.

The question is, why share the pics in the first place?

Now some folks already decoded who the man is, and according to a Ghanaian blogger, he is no other person than, Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner.

Below is what the Ghanaian blogger wrote;

Just do your own analysis and tell me this is just a coincidence.
Same shirt, same cap, same necklace and same shorts.

Small money @jamesgardinergh is making from @zylofonmedia @rosymeurer wants to come and finish it. Madam the men don finish for Nigeria?… James i know your girlfriend, you wont two time. You are the reason i have privitazed my account, so we can talk man to woman yea. What are you doing with Rosy at this ungodly days huh.

This cheating will not go on! Mama home wrecker you are on again. You will hear from the madam of the household soon. Ghana girls are fearfully made, you step in, you drown. I am surprise you cant find a man around your globe. You just bit more than you can chew.

Rosaline is yet to respond to this claim.