A Ghanaian refugee has been sentenced to almost 12 years in prison for the rape of a young woman in front of her boyfriend at a camping site in Germany.

The 31-year-old identified as Eric X, who was branded highly dangerous by a psychiatric expert – was given the 11 year and six month sentence at Bonn State Court, Germany.

According to reports, Eric denied to the end being responsible despite the testimony from an expert saying the chance of someone else’s sperm being on the victim was a 30billion to one chance.

Eric reportedly insulted the victim by saying: ‘If the court says the DNA fits, then I have to call the girl a prostitute. Anyone who supports this girl who claims to have been raped is the dirtiest person on earth.’

According to reports, Eric struck in April this year at a campsite near the city on the Rhine, dragging the 23-year-old woman from the tent she was sharing with her boyfriend. The terrified young man had been threatened with a machete when the Ghanaian refugee entered the tent and told him to remain where he was.

The attacker dragged the girl a few yards into a meadow at the Siegaue Nature Reserve and raped her.

The boyfriend was forced to watch as the attacker violated his lover – and the police never arrived.

A photofit picture of the attacker led to his arrest and DNA testing confirmed his guilt. A CD player he stole from the tent was found at his refugee centre. He tried to flee when police moved in to arrest him.

The rape was one of the most high-profile sex attacks laid at the door of refugees since the migrant crisis began.