The Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has cleared the air concerning the scrapping of the yellow buses that are popularly known as DANFO in the state.

According to him, the state government will be scrapping them as reported, however, these buses will be remodelled in order to meet modern standards.

This comes after the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Frederick Oladeinde disclosed that these buses do not have a place in the transportation master plan of the state and many people who read meaning in his comments concluded that the government will then be scrapping them.

Speaking in a recent interview, the state governor said;

“It will be unfair for us. These are important stakeholders. They served our citizens. They served Lagosians for a long time. It became the print of Lagos, the yellow buses.

Let’s be very creative. Let’s see how we can remodel them without scrapping them out. We are collaborating with them. You know that our citizens now deserve newer models of cars.”

He also spoke about what the government plans to do about the mass transport buses that were destroyed during the #EndSARS protest. Giving an update, he said;

“Absolutely, we are trying to replenish them, we have started the compensation and the interesting thing is that we are working with a local bus manufacturing company.

And it is going to come almost with the same specifications of the ones that were unfortunately destroyed so that Lagosians can have the same feel of the buses. They were insured. Insurance will never cover you 100 percent.”