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He Shifted My Pant And Did What He Liked -Lady Narrates Encounter With Police Officer (Video)

The situation of young teenage girls in the community has become alarming problems and much of these stem from inadequate information and hidden awareness of these tales.

On Saturday episode of The Day Show with Berla Mundi , an incident between a rape survivor and her rapist was reported and broadcasted on TV3.

Her account was surprising and astonishing to those in attendance as she describes the harsh sexual harassment she witnessed by a police officer as an adolescent.

In her story, Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, came forward in order to expose an attack by an anonymous police officer that resulted in a wrongly handled rape case at age 16.

She revealed that her parents finally resolved the case at court and they charged Gh¢1,000 to Gh¢2,000 to compensate for the losses she suffered from the [email protected], but the money was never used to give her the medical care she wanted.

She gave an in-depth account of her previous experience for the audience.

In her story, she revealed that in a certain house she visited on a very quiet day, the [email protected] took risks with her.

She claimed that she never intended to earn anything of the kind from being a regular guest to the residence, but unfortunately put herself in trouble with the big-bodied police officer staying at the home who was twice her age.

As the police officer clarified, the officer pursued her away, closed the door, and forced her into intercourse.

However, in her struggle to avoid it at all costs, she lost as she made many efforts with little results and eventually gave up the battle and permitted him to act.

She believed her rear end was increasingly becoming irritated with her and therefore changed her trousers and did it in from his knees while she unintentionally lay on the ground.

By comparison, she narrated with Innocence, but her smiling face brought subtle giggles on the show.

Her depiction was completely off the hook and needed to be praised like certain people say.

Watch the video below;


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