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“He’s a yahoo boy, Gigolo, rapist” – Actress Omalicha Elom calls out her alleged ex-lover

Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom has called out a certain young man who some people are claiming might be her ex.

The Ebonyi State-born filmmaker, in a now deleted post on Instagram warned her followers to ‘run away’ from the young man who she also accused of being a gigolo, scammer, rapist and allegedly involved in other criminal acts.

It would also be recalled that during an interview with Pearl News, Ms Elom had aired her view on oral s*x.

“People say oral s*x is dirty, Well, I don’t know about that because I don’t like it at all.

“If I get married and my husband insists, he wants it, i’ll succumb and give it to him. After all, the bible says women should be submissive to their husbands, so if I get married and my husband wants mouthaction, i’ll give it to him, so I can make heaven (laughs).”

When asked what if he wants more than mouth action and demands for anal?

She responds: “I can’t do that, at all. In fact, I know my husband can’t be crazy enough to ask me for anal sex when he is not Bobrisky.”….




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