Hilarious responses as canteen displays poster of man who frequently buys food on credit

To deter customers who eat without paying, a canteen owner has taken additional steps to ensure they are never served at the establishment again.

The food seller printed a poster of a young man who regularly consumes food on credit with a promise to pay later.

However, the customer became known as a serial debtor and opportunist, leading to a ban from the establishment.

The poster serves as a warning to all employees of the canteen to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The poster surfaced online and it showed face clearly with the words written; “BANNED FROM BUYING FOOD HERE ON CREDIT.”

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Social media users found the picture and the idea behind it very amusing.

damilolarrr; Which kind wahala be this

national_don1; Him hang ID card o

rukayatsalihu046; First class creditor

classy_n_simple_21; Haa,Na his finest picture them come use.

temitope_omo; Somebody loml

temitope_omo; Wahala wahaler Wahalest

anon_andy; See wetin them do Pablo

aneleezzy; wetin be this naa

vval.bae; Money wey dem use do banner

orangeh_official; how much be this banner now

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