How abroad returnee discovered pretty lady he wanted to marry is a runz girl

A Nigerian man who had just returned from overseas found a girl he intended to take seriously, but he was let down.

He met her on Instagram and told a friend, who recommended he take his shot at the lovely woman.

The young man made his approach and asked for her phone number, believing they were about to begin a relationship that would lead to marriage.

When he messaged her on WhatsApp, she asked him how much he would spend for a night in Lekki and where he resides so they could hook up.

Her message upset him since that is how the guy discovered the attractive woman is into runs.

The post reads; “My guy who just moved back to Nigeria has been tripping for this girl on IG and I persuaded him to give it a try. He did. Omo, this babe fiiiiine finish. She replied his DM and gave him her phone number.

He was really ready to settle down, cause this girl right here is his spec. He just needed to know her more. He messaged her on WhatsApp and her response was “Sup? Which area in Lekki are you and how much will you pay me for a good time tonight?” Damn!”

Abroad returnee disappointed after discovering pretty lady he wanted to marry is a runs girl - d 1

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