About 6 months ago, Nollywood actress Adesuwa Etomi was a just a regular actress, though very talented!.

Her talent, dexterity, role interpretation and superb delivery however did not win her the hearts of Nigerians until the great move that changed everything!

Adesua’s role in Mo Abudu’s super blockbuster The Wedding Party did not do the trick of throwing her into limelight, rather her decision to spend the rest of her life with her co lead actor Banky W did the trick all the way!

In a flash, with the viral photo of Banky W on one knee, a glittering diamond in his hand and the popular question on his lips, Adesua’s fame escalated and in no time, she became everybody’s lover.

Why is this so?

Recall that Banky W is one of Nigeria’s most loved entertainers, popular and highly talented with a very large fan base.

Banky W before his engagement was also one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelors.

As a matter of fact, most ladies have built their fantasies around the singer until he finally made his choice in Adesua Etomi, throwing the actress into more light, more fame and more love.

In a flash, Adesua went from being just an actor to one of the most loved, most followed and most appreciated all because she said yes to Mr Wellington!

Today, Adesua Etomi Wellington is not the girl you used to know, she is a brand new Star, a wife and musician in the making, thanks to her wise decision!