One couldn’t have possibly missed the drama that was on yesterday between Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky and his popular gateman, Jacob.

In Case You Missed It, the cross dresser, has dismissed his gateman from his job after he allegedly conned him of N60k when he told him of his ill father, who he needs to go take care of… which apparently is a lie.

Now, if what Bobrisky is saying is true, then it’s rather unfortunate that Jacob became Oliver Twist after having a feel of fame and this, presumably has spited his master, who obviously loves to be the centre of attraction.

It probably may have not been the intent of the cross dresser to make his estranged gateman famous – but Jacob’s rise to fame was a strategy by the effeminate to boast about his pricey lifestyle, him having a gateman and all.

Jacob’s infectious nature couldn’t easily be missed and in no time, social media fell in love with his character and as the transvestite noticed that, he began nursing his ‘new star’ who is loved by many, including his haters.

Bobrisky had decided recently to spice up his paid video promotions by featuring Jacob, who at the end, had the spotlight and Bobrisky was paid to dance to that rhythm.

Not a mind reader or anything, but it’s speculative that Jacob may have not been comfortable with his boss’s actions but he had no choice than to play along.

Nigerian artiste, MC Galaxy, who took inspiration from Jacob, released a track, ‘Jacorb Dance’ – which became quite popular – and in the video, featured Jacob.

Sardonically, Bobrisky wasn’t included in the video and this is where the problem lies as we all know the transvestite loves to be centre of attraction.

Watch the video below:

In his rants yesterday, Bobrisky kept emphasizing about someone promising to give Jacob N2million and apparently, it’s none other than MC Galaxy.

MC Galaxy wrote;

“JACOB IS NO MORE A GATE MAN 🙏. So guys I came back from Miami 2 days ago and people told me JACOB can’t even work on the road again lol ,, So I think its time to Bless him , now I have a budget of 2million naira for Jacob 👏. So I need you guys to advice me on what to do for him with 2million naira. BEST ADVICE WINS”

It’s rather coincidental that Bobrisky then cried out over N60k immediately after MC Galaxy’s post – it’s speculative that Jacob decided to leave him and not that he tried to con him and run away.

To curb any form of damage on his image, the effeminate made it clear that his estranged gateman knows nothing personal about him, just in case Jacob might wanna do his dirty laundry outside.

With Jacob, now under the refuge of MC Galaxy, one can only but hope the singer is true to his words and has a meaningful impact in Jacob’s life and career.

Our fingers are crossed.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky has hired a new gateman, Titus, someone he says Jacob brought to him to replace him, during his 1 week stay in the village.

His name is Titus, and he says he’s not a betrayer like Jacob.