How I Jumped Into A Pool Not Knowing There Were Snakes Inside – Lady Shares Harrowing Experience

A lady has taken to the streets of Twitter to share her harrowing experience of how she encountered snakes some months ago.

The lady identified as Chichi_Muk revealed the she and her boyfriend had gone to swim at a waterfalls but little did they know that water was full of snakes.

Chichi Muk narrated that it was a sunny day and needed to cool off so she dived into the stream only to realize that there are snakes in the water.

According to her, the realization came up after feeling something moving around her feet and whilst this was happening her boyfriend was taking pictures capturing every moment and th is is an experience she will never forget in her life.

She wrote;

“The day was so hot and I was so sweaty. When we got here the first thing I did was jump into the pool. My boyfriend was taking pictures capturing every moment.

Only after I had jumped in did I realize there are snakes inside.

Actually realized it after a while when something next to my feet. How my bf didn’t pick this up because he was not in the water I don’t understand”.

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