How my babe ate the cake I sent to her with her ‘office boyfriend ‘ – Man shares personal long distance relationship experience

A Nigerian man identified as Emeka has shared his personal experience to explain why long distance relationships may not work.

According to Emeka, he had planned a surprise for his girlfriend on her birthday by having a cake delivered to her workplace.

However, to his dismay, his girlfriend ended up sharing the cake with her office boyfriend.

Emeka later found out that she eventually left him and got married to the same colleague.

Long distance relationships are not uncommon in today’s world, where people relocate for various reasons such as work or study.

Many couples in long distance relationships try to make it work by keeping in touch through technology and planning surprise visits or gifts.

The young man shared his heartbreak story while reacting to a Twitter user who said; “Long Distance Relationships just have bad PR.”

Emeka who felt triggered, then tweeted; “Long distance that I sent surprise birthday cake to at her office that she ate with office boyfriend who she’s married to today? Don’t get on my last nerves.”


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However, Emeka’s experience serves as a reminder that the lack of physical presence can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication, which can ultimately lead to the breakdown of a relationship.

Emeka’s story has also sparked a debate on social media about the validity of long distance relationships.

Some argue that with trust and effective communication, long distance relationships can thrive, while others believe that physical proximity is necessary for a healthy and lasting relationship

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