The tradition of the ancient city of Ile Ife has been questioned as tongues are wagging on the marital status of the king, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi.

Currently in California, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye travelled alone. Though a large number of his aides went with him, he went without a queen.

Unknown to many women, the handsome king is still single after his former wife, Queen Wuraola left him back in July 2017.

Though his sisters—Adesola, Folashade and Adebimpe—tried to fill in the gap by attending social events with him, they have withdrawn their appearances since they were scandalised by the media as one of the reasons for the crash of the monarch’s marriage to Wuraola Otiti.

Now, he only travels with his large entourage without a queen.

This is strange because the tradition of monarchy kicks against a king not having a queen.
Many women have been touted to be the next queen after Wuraola but none seems to have passed the test of emerging a royal queen that would satisfy the bossom of the handsome king.

So, who will be the next queen of Ife kingdom?

Many are speculating that Oba Ogunwusi should go back to his first love—Adebukunola— but it seems she has been rejected by the King’s father, Prince Aderopo Ogunwusi, for her sheer disregard for the throne.

The first marriage of the Ooni to Adebukola nee Bombata was troubled before he was installed king but they had to patch things up for the coronation.

It later crumbled; with her leaving the palace and relocating to London.

With the crash of his first marriage to Bukola in 2015 and his union with Olori Wuraola hitting the rocks in July 2017, many waited with bated breath to see who the king would announce as Queen.

This act of a king not having a queen, KALH gathered, is giving high chiefs in Ile Ife, sleepless nights and the search is on for a well-behaved queen.

The king cannot afford another flaw in his marriage again, therefore the search for a proper queen is on. Though some ladies have been seen coming to the palace, none of them seems qualified because His Highness travelled without any of the ladies. It is expected that the one who travels to California with him would emerge queen but none of them went with him. That means he has not found a suitable queen. Palace sources revealed.

Meanwhile, the Ooni is having a great time abroad.

Source: Kemi Ashefon