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Hushpuppi warns couples, says they should be careful of bringing unwanted babies to the world during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt changed the world in so many unimaginable ways. Things that humans never envisaged happening now seem to have become the new normal.

As a result of the pandemic, many people have been advised to stay indoors so as to reduce the spread and some countries even enforced lockdowns.

Nigerian socialite, Ray Hushpuppi, then took to social media via his Instagram page to share a piece of advice with fans.

He noted that the lockdown has led to more people spending time with their loved ones but that they should be careful of bringing unwanted and unplanned babies into the world.

Hush said that a lot of people might lose their jobs in the nearest future and that they might not be financially stable enough to raise a new child. The young man then said that he knows children are a blessing but people should not accept blessings that would make them beggars in future.

He wrote:

“I know a lot of people are going through different struggles during this corona pandemic time, we have been locked down and a lot of young people find this as an opportunity to bond with their partners more during this quarantine period but one thing you should be careful about is bringing unwanted or planned babies into this world that you will not be able to afford a proper care for. A lot of jobs will be lost in the near future and a lot of young people are not financially stable for themselves and now you want to get someone pregnant or be pregnant for a boy who has no plans for you. I know children are blessings but make sure you are ready for this type of blessings before you ask for it. Don’t accept blessing that will turn you to a beggar in the future. Be warned.”


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