Controversial cross-dresser Bobrisky never stops saying whatever he wants so he can remain relevant on social media.

The controversial cross-dresser who has been revealing some nasty details about his relationship with his mystery bae, took to his popular snapchat account to rant about how pretty he his.

“Guys am i not prettier than 70% girls in Nigeria.. look at my leg so straight and sexy”, He wrote

Only recently, Bobrisky revealed he was on his way to cheat on his bae with his ex-boyfriend, because he didn’t allow him attend oritsefemi’s wedding.

He shared videos of himself on the way to his ex-boyfriend’s house, saying they’ll have rounds of sex, to serve as punishment to his bae.

He didn’t stop there, he also shared a picture of the Gold circle condom his ex-boyfriend will be using to sample him bum tonight.

Also, the Popular crossdresser, said a lot about his mystery ‘bae’ lately and he revealed that his bae slaps and cages him.

Days ago, he revealed his bae is an over 50-year old top government official. He has now revealed he has received slaps from his bae too!

See his post below;

Even though,  he said he has received two international slaps from his bae, one in Dubai and another in Paris. The fact is he has never been to Paris. There is no record to show he has been to Dubai either. We all know he documents every second of his trip to the USA.

A few weeks back, he announced he would be visiting Paris and London for the first time in February 2018. He even said he would take his gate man,Jacob along with him.