“I cannot put my life in danger” – School Teacher quits her job after fighting with student in class

A teacher who went viral after she recently got into a fight with a student over a seized phone has quit the profession.

The teacher identified as Xaviera Steele quit her teaching career after the messy drama which happened on April 17.

However, she ruled out the possibility of launching a racy new career on 0nlyFans, a suggestion people made while commenting on her body which was exposed as she fought with the student.

She said emphatically:

“0nlyFans is out of the question! I’m not that kind of lady. I grew up in church. In all my 22 years, never have I ever experienced what I experienced this Monday.

“I’ve never been attacked by young folks. I love young people. This is why I work with them. I have a heart for them. That young lady attacked me and she went for bl00d.

“As much as I love the kids, I cannot put my life or my livelihood in danger, anymore. I will be saying goodbye to this profession.”

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