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I Can’t Sleep Here, Somebody Should Come And Carry Me – Lady Cries Out After Playing A Game

Nigerian lady in tears as she recounts how Charlie Charlie entered her after playing the game.

In the video, the unidentified Nigerian lady was in tears as she begged kind-hearted Nigerians to come and help her get out of the house, saying that she cannot stay in that house.

Screenshots from the video:

The young lady sounded remorseful as she asked Nigerians why they are always playing with everything. She said that she played the Charlie Charlie game, and now Charlie Charlie is there in her room. She alleged that every few minutes if she turns her back, she would observe something coming out from the door. At that point, she tilted her phone to show her door, and added that Charlie Charlie was coming out through that door. She concluded by saying that she needs to go outside because she can’t stay in the house.

There was something inexplicable in her voice as she narrated her ordeal, but it actually triggered some anxiety. Is she really telling the truth that Charlie Charlie is in her room or she’s lying?

For some days now Charlie Charlie challenge has been trending online. In the game it is believed that a demon called Charlie Charlie can appear and answer some questions if summoned. The questions involve “Yes” and “No” answers, and the demon is summoned by suspending one pencil on top of another one at equilibrium.

After placing the pencils at their proper positions, the player of the game would then summon the demon by making incantations like “Charlie Charlie, are you there?” The player repeats the question a few times until a demon allegedly appears and turns the pencil towards the “Yes” or “No” direction.

Ever since the challenge began trending a few days ago, I have seen how some of the players freaked out after seeing the pencils turning on their own. In one of the videos, I even saw how the player ran out of the room when she saw how the suspended pencil turned around.

For those who have not played the Charlie Charlie game, the big question on their minds is whether this game is real or not. Is there a demon known as Charlie Charlie that appears when summoned, or is the game just a trick?

Even though many people are curious to find these answers for themselves, there is a certain fear that comes with the game. Many do not want to risk having an encounter with any demon, hence their refusal to play the game. But the truth is even hard to obtain from those who have played the game already. It’s hard to know whether this game is real or not.

That is why this young lady’s video triggered some curiosity. Is she telling the truth or not? Did Charlie Charlie actually enter her room when she summoned the demon, as she claimed?

Several people came up with their different views after seeing the video. Some said that the Charlie Charlie game is real, and that Nigerians should stay away from it because paranormal is real. Others said that the game is not real, insinuating that if it was actually real, the girl would not have the mind to remain in that house to record the video.

Below is reactions and  video of the young lady in tears:


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