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“I did not even notice my b**bs self”- Bobrisky comments on new photo

Some weeks back, he failed to get his butt implants done but it looks like he’s making up for it in the upper region – Bobrisky seems to be developing boobs and even he himself is acknowledging it.

In a new photo of his online, something akin to a cleavage can be seen on display as he smiles for the camera and captions it;

“I did not even noticed my boobs self”… and everyone one has been left to wonder, what is going on here?!

Meanwhile, an OAP, Chichi wrote an open letter to Bobrisky, after the latter said he wants to be a female, and also declared that he’s ready to have a baby.

he self-acclaimed queen Snapchat took to his account to write that he wishes he could become pregnant and have a baby.

He said;

“Wish i could get pregnant.. My baby is gonna be so cute. But so said that even if i f*ck from now till kingdom come i cannot get pregnant”

“I need a baby maybe my kids can be my bestie. Never trust no one only your blood”

See his posts below:

Read letter below;


“@bobrisky222 you have failed your generation. Watching your video just now made me wonder and marvel at what you are trying to accomplish with your brand.”

“In the video you were trying to explain how you will make a great wife if you were a woman and you mentioning all those points, what? Wow. It’s sickening to know you don’t have any shame nor respect at all.”

“Do you even understand that your fans are teenagers and young adults like you? Do you want to mess them up like you have been messed up?”

“See, I have never cared to know who you are and may never want to mention anything about you on my post, because I don’t pay attention to people who glaringly are obnoxious and stupid. Having said this, as a Teenage Coach and Youth Counselor and with the love of God I advise you to of ways to be more CREATIVE than crazy. Selah”

“Chichi Umeseaka”

Watch the video below where he gave his reasons for wanting to be a girl;


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