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I don’t want to be in the same room with my wife in marriage – Rapper Blaqbonez says (video)

Nigerian rapper, Emeka Akumefule, known professionally as Blaqbonez, has recently disclosed that he will not be sharing a room with his wife when he gets married, with one of his reasons being that it will help for his polygamous nature.

The singer opened up in an interview with Nancy Isime on The Nancy Isime show as he stated that he will get married, but he will be in a different kind of marriage.

When he was asked what kind of marriage he will be in, the rapper stated that he does not want to be in the same room with his wife.

Blaqbonez explained that he may be the type that loves his room dark while his wife may be a Barbie princess. So it’s better she enjoys her life in her own room. He also made mention of liking only his manly things in his bathroom and not liking certain things hanging in his bathroom.

While listing further, the rapper added that the different rooms plan will help for his polygamous nature because he will be able to do his thing without disturbing his wife.

He said: “In marriage, I don’t want to be in the same room with my wife. You have your room, I have my room. First aesthetically, what if I’m a Batman guy and I want everywhere dark, and you you’re a Barbie princess. Enjoy your life.”

“And one thing I like my bathroom looking a certain way. I don’t really like some type of things hanging around there. I like my manly things in the bath…”

“And also it helps for my polygamous nature because I can be doing my things on a low without disturbing you too much.”

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