I Found Out That The Guy I Have Been Dating For 5 Years Is Married -Lady cries out

A South African lady identified as Lerato Ramatsobane, was in a shock after discovering that the man she has been dating for the past 5 year has been married and about to celebrate his 7th anniversary.

According to Lerato, she is in a shocking mood and can’t seem to catch a breath due the effect of the bad news.

She wrote;

“I found out that the guy I have been dating for 5 years is celebrating his 7th anniversary with someone. guys I can’t breath.

While she really need a comfort at the moment, some social media users has been reacting to her ordeal, some people blamed men that lied about their marital status to deceive girls into relationship, while commenter says that ladies should be observant to be able to notice any wrong moves from cheaters.

Below are some of their reactions;

“Honestly i see no reason why you should be lying about your marital status or that you are married. Let him/her know you.

“You are not observant, you were carried away with love. As you are walking with love, walk with your brain, mind and eyes. Don’t accept every lies in the clothing of truth.

“Such Thing Only Happen on Online Dating, you just met a guy online not even up to 2 months and you are already planing a family with him while you don’t know his background or know any of his relatives. We risk our heart a lot.

“Married for 7 years and you never noticed anything?

The problem is we always allow that scam called trust to blind us.

Lets Always pay attention to details like travelling routines, calls etc to avoid this kind of heard break.

“Before dating or entering a relationship make sure you really get to know everything you can about that person.

Take your time and investigate to avoid premium tears.

“Singles should shine there eyes nowadays, you don’t know who’s single and married, for me there’s no way she didn’t suspect the guy for once.

“I don’t know why ladies accept and love guys who deceived them, I believe this guy has money and work in a good place that is why she was carried away without finding out if he was married. Well take heart 

“Before going into a Godly Relationship or Marriage, you need biological senses and pray about that person you want to date, if you pray very well then God will show you through dreams or God will send you someone who knows the person.

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