Nigerian Ghetto singer, Friday Igwe, popularly known as Baba Fryo, in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, revealed that it is plain stupidity for one to abuse or take any hard drug, as there are no benefits in it.

In his words, he said,
To me, it is just stupidity for one to abuse anything or take hard drugs because I don’t see the benefit. Anyone who takes hard drugs is just ‘donating’ madness to him or herself. Most of these young guys indulge in these things because they either want to show off or are influenced by their friends.

“As for me, drugs don’t add anything to me. Now, I only take alcohol and that is whenever I am in the midst of friends, but I don’t drink excessively.”

The Ajegunle born singer, admitted that he smoked weed for many years before he realised that it was adding nothing to him.

“I took weed for so many years, but I stopped about three years ago. I asked myself what it was adding to me and I didn’t get any positive answer. I would just be calm and quiet for like four hours and people would keep wondering what was wrong with me. I also calculated the amount of money I was spending monthly to sustain the habit and it occurred to me that this tidy sum could be put to better use. For anyone who takes cocaine or any other type of hard drug, he or she is killing himself gradually.

“I talk to younger artistes who are close to me, but I can only advise them. For the ones who are not close to me, there is no way I can talk to them because some of these boys are arrogant. Once I sense that you are full of yourself, I don’t come near you,” the Notice Me singer said.