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‘I lied, I cheated’ – Juliet Ibrahim’s Ex Iceberg Slim pens a public apology letter to her

The subtle ‘war’ between Ghana’s Juliet Ibrahim and Nigeria’s Iceberg Slim might just be over, and fans are thrilled.

In a heartfelt open letter directed to his ex, Juliet Ibrahim, Iceberg Slim has apologized for disapointing her by lying and cheating on her during the course of their relationship.

He went on to reveal that he made the public apology as he felt there was the need to heal and move on with their respective lives.

Iceberg Slim who felt sober about the entire situation emphasized on the fact that the fact apology is coming after almost a year of separation shouldn’t matter.

Post Below:

Recall that the Iceberg Slim was fond of throwing jabs at Juliet Ibrahim after their much publicized relationship ended.

Sometime ago, he took to social media to post a light jab that suggested that it was directed to his ex actress girlfriend. He posted;

“This Could Be Us But You’re a CHEETAH.”

After their break up in 2018, the rapper also shared a similar message.

He wrote:

“When a toxic person can no longer control you, they’ll try and control how other people see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will see the truth, just like you did,”

Iceberg Slim’s contrite apology finally shows he has owned up to his mistakes and the fact that, cheating is cheating, irrespective of the continent you’re from.


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