I really like Ozo and we will see if we can work things out – Nengi (video)


BBNaija star Nengi has shared more about her relationship with Ozo, especially the reason why she was emotional after the final Saturday party.

After the party, Nengi was seen crying profusely over Ozo ignoring her during the show. According to her, she wanted to talk to him but he didn’t seem interested in talking to her.

In a recent interview with Beat FM, the beautiful woman explained why she was emotional over the situation.

She spoke about the conversation she had with Ozo that night and how she felt when what she perceived seemed to have come to pass.

Read what she said below:

That night we had had a conversation about whoever goes out of the house would see a lot. I knew going out of the house, he was going to see things that would have changed his perspective. I just felt like seeing him and not communicating properly and I felt like it had gotten to him and that was where the whole emotions came from because he’s my friend. He’s someone I really like and I didn’t want anything to … I actually really like him.”

When she was asked if there was a possibility to work things out with their relationship, Nengi said she will see to it.

Watch the video below:


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