I slept with a groom before and after his wedding — OAP Nicky


A self-styled relationship guru and host of Kumasi’s ‘ABN Radio One’, Yaa Nicky, has confessed to sleeping with a groom a night before and after his wedding.

The Media personalty disclosed that she had once slept with a groom before his wedding and still repeated the act after his wedding –a wedding she had served as a bridesmaid.

According to her, she doesn’t have any regrets since life is one and meant to enjoy; the groom, she revealed, was her ex-boyfriend.

“I slept with a groom before his wedding even though I was a bridesmaid… I went to the wedding, spent his money on them, and slept with him again after the ceremony. I never mentioned that to the woman and she doesn’t need to know. Life is only intended to be lived once, so enjoy it,” she said.

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