Home Entertainment News “I talk anyhow because I lack mother care” – James Brown (video)

“I talk anyhow because I lack mother care” – James Brown (video)

The Nigerian social media space now seems to be a safe space for cross-dressers in the country as more of them continue to come out of the closet and showcase themselves.

Gone were the days when these people faces so much criticism as many of them now have fans who look up to them and enjoy their content on social media.

One of such people is the popular young cross-dresser known as James Brown. The young man became an internet sensation after a video where he was arrested by policemen alongside others and paraded for being suspected to be gay, made the rounds on social media.

Fast-rising Nigerian cross-dresser, James Brown, has said he is razz and talks anyhow because he lacked mother care while growing up as a child.

The cross-dresser disclosed this while giving a speech of introduction at his recent birthday celebration.

He said he lacks mannerism while talking because his mother who should have instilled discipline in him abandoned him after giving birth to him.

Recall that James had taken to his Instagram page a day before his birthday and disclosed how his aunt wanted him aborted.

Addressing his friends during his birthday, James said being razz has helped him handle trolls as no matter what people say about him doesn’t get to him.

Watch the video below:


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