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“I Thought I Would Be Happily Married By Now” – Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima Says As She Marks Her 50th Birthday

Former beauty queen and Nollywood actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima clocked 50 yesterday as she took time to pen a long message about her expectations and what she has been able to build for herself over the years.

The Nollywood actress took to her instagram handle to share a photo of herself and captioned it with a long message involving her experiences in life.

She wrote;

“The past decade led me through a litany of lessons that defined my being. My 40s oversaw a period of struggle, failure and painful loss, but it also assured, enlightened and made me more confident and blessed. Through that time, I recognized my strength and capabilities, rediscovered myself and my potential, optimized my goals and have learned to prioritize what and who is truly important to me.”

“I can’t believe I am 50 (… and thriving)! It’s still so surreal to me. But I’m careful in my joy, for milestone birthdays unwittingly steer you towards a terrified list of yet unaccomplished goals, the possibility of perceived retrogression, unhealthy comparisons, faltering timelines et al. Yes, I thought I’d be happily married by now, living on a yacht and travelling the world, amidst other cares, but it’s easy to forget LIFE IS STILL AN OPEN DOOR, for many went even before they came.”

“So I choose to reflect on what I have accomplished in my 50 years and how fortunate I am to be rich with life, with love, with family and with friends.”

“There is so much more to life than the glam or an eye watering bank balance. Today I celebrate self awareness, physical and mental strength. Today I celebrate the fact that I’ve fallen deeply in love with myself and the self image from my mirror reflects a bolder, more beautiful woman.”

“Above all I am grateful to God for this life He has blessed me with. In 50 years, I’ve accomplished so much. I’m continuously growing, and I know I still have much to learn. I’ve waited all my life to say this and I thank God for the grace to finally say with conviction that truly… ‘Life begins @ 50!’”



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