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I want to be a man — Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite cum entrepreneur Huddah Monroe never shies from speaking her mind or making her desires known.

She recently caused chatter on social media after revealing that she doesn’t mind being a man for a day because of the kind of issues women go through in life.

Expressing fear over fertility issues women go through, Huddah Monroe stated that she won’t kind living her life like a man for a day.

“The way they do papsmear, that sh*t is uncomfortable. Then they do uterus scan. That thing is like a long big as* d*ick. And it costs an arm here. SMH. Who wants a vagina in exchange for a d*ick? I wanna be a man for a day”, she wrote.

A few months back, Huddah Monroe was singing another tune when she advised women to use what they have to get what they want.

“I know telli ng people to sell pussy is a bad advise but Ah! Whoever it’s direct to, some chronic borrowers they know themselves.

“Do whatever, as long as don’t put your problems on peoples on people head everyday and get mad when they cut you off! It’s that simple ! Everyone is hustling to make ends m eet. No free biz!”, she said.


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