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“I will consider dating a man only if he drives a Ferrari” – Nigerian lady discloses

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal the type of man she desires to date.

The lady with the profile name La Prudent Bae shared a post on Facebook saying that she has gotten as much as 400 dating request in 2017 alone but she turned them down because they don’t drive expensive cars.

She used Ferrarie as a yard stick for guys she will be willing to go out with, claiming she only “do big things”.

Read her post below:

“I have got 400 dating request from guys in 2017,I ain’t accepting them Cus none of them drives davidos ferarrie,small small car owners are all I see, I do big things When you have Ferrarie, please report back,I will reconsider” Ever since she shared this post on Facebook and it went viral on Facebook, La Prudent Bae has received a lot of criticisms on social media. She immediately went ahead to delete the post on Facebook. However, on Tuesday, December 12, the lady shared another post saying she was only joking about the Ferrari. Her post reads: “Hello Africa,I was only joking about the ferrari post ooo. Please no hard feelings. Stop personalizing it. Let love lead.”

See Her Post Below:

Going through her profile, La Prudent Bae works as a hospital administrator at the Lekki Medical Centre and studied at Anambra State College of Health Technology.


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