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“I worked for Bobrisky for 6 months without getting paid, He collected the money MC Galaxy gave me” — Jacob

Bobrisky’s former gate man, Jacob after many believed he betrayed Bobrisky, has finally spoken after his boss, fired him from work.

In a video obtained by Krakshq, Jacob revealed he has been working for Bobrisky for the past 6 months, and has never paid him a dime for his work.

According to this new development, it seems Bobrisky has just been using Jacob, and most of his snaps about paying Jacob might just be untrue.

Jacob says he does not have anyone in Lagos, and has pleaded for help.

Jacob also revealed that folks sent him money to him through Bobrisky, but then the cross dresser will pocket the money, and refuse to give him.

Jacob also said after he featured in MC Galaxy’s song, MC gave him the sum of N40,000.. But then his Boss, Bobrisky, collected everything from him.

Watch the video below;

Recall, Jacob had earlier told Bobrisky that his father was very ill, and doctors say they’d have to amputate his leg..Because of Jacob’s loyalty, Bobrisky gave Jacob the sum of N60,000.. Bobo didn’t just stop there, he shared the story on his Snapchat, and some his his followers promised to help Jacob with money.

It now came as a shock to us after Bobrisky revealed Jacob lied about his father’s health, as he’s still in Lagos chilling with some of his friends.

Below is Bobrisky’s rant:

Now he’s unveiled a new Gateman, someone he says Jacob brought to him to fill his place, pending the time he’d come back to Lagos.

His name is Titus, and he says he’s not a betrayer like Jacob.


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