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“I would have loved to have a collaboration with Fela & Bob Marley” – Wizkid (video)

One of the biggest music act in Nigeria, Wizkid opens up on how pleasing it would have been for him to feature legendary singers like Fela Anikulapo and Bob Marley.

The internationally recognised singer and Grammy winner made this known in an exclusive interview with sports brands, Puma & JD.

In a series of question and answer, Wizkid addressed how the year 2020 was like for him; his childhood experience; when he’s dropping his next album.

Also, on what his inspiration is, Starboy noted that it is basically his environment; what he sees and hear around him on the street.

On the question of who he would love to collaborate on a track with, Wizkid affirmed that if it was possible, the late Fela Kuti and Bob Marley would have been perfect.

Video below:


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