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Ice Prince finaly reveals why he left Chocolate City

Ice Prince has finally revealed why he left Chocolate City which was his home for seven years, to set up an independent music label.

According to Ice Prince, he left Chocolate City not because of money but because he wasn’t going to be baby sited all his life. He added that he was a baby while at the music label, but now a man on his own.

He said in a new interview he granted;

“I’ve been in Chocolate city since 2008, i’m not going to be baby sited for the rest of my life, i grew up at some point. Leaving Chocolate city was not about money, it had nothing to do with money, if you have noticed you’ll never hear anything about me having issues with them, it was never about money, i was a baby with Chocolate City, now i’m a man on my own.

“I have full support, full love, full everything from Chocolate city, I was brought up by a rap god, Choc boys including Jesse Jagz, me and MI will always be a family, a team. MI and Ice Prince are blood brothers like this, before MI signs a new artiste, he consults me and i do same till today.

“I’m going to drop an album this year by God’s grace and MI is going to be on it, and you will hear more music with us together”

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