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If you try such with me, I’ll beat you into coma – Bobrisky tells angry wives attacking their husbands’ side chicks

In recent times, a lot of people on social media have seen videos of wives accosting their husband’s side chics in public and either embarrassing or beating the hell out of them.

Such videos have become so rampant, both the staged and real ones, that it seems to have put fear in a lot of husbands as well as side chics who do not know when they would be a victim of such embarrassment.

Popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, also called Bobrisky, has reacted to these viral videos of wives beating their husband’s side chics in public.

According to Bobrisky, if a woman ever happens to see her husband with him in public, they should not come to him. He said that if they try to do any rubbish with him, he would make sure to beat them to a coma.

Bobrisky added that if a wife is looking for her missing husband, she should wait for him at home.

See his post below:

In another post, Bobrisky said that it does not make sense for a wife to beat up her husband’s side chic because he might not have opened up to her about being married.

Bobrisky said that if he is ever in a situation of a wife attacking him in public because of her husband, he would make sure to beat her up so bad that the hospital will reject her.


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