‘I’m afraid to go to school again’ – Little boy who survived Itafaji building collapse says

Three-year-old, Kabiru Sasore, who survived the recent building collapse at Ita Faji on Lagos Island, has said he is afraid to return to school.

Kabiru who was rushed to the hospital after the incident, was discharged last week Thursday after he was certified healthy enough to return home. His mother is said to be in a private hospital at the moment where she is being treated for shock.

Narrating his ordeal, Kabiru who still appears shocked over the incident, told The Nation that he was eating in his class when he suddenly heard a loud sound, thinking it was a bomb.

“I was eating in my class when my school collapsed, I heard a loud sound, and our school shook and all of us fell on each other. I was afraid and I didn’t want to go to school that day, I later saw a caterpillar. Though I am fine but my back is still painting me and my neck.” he said

He said he is afraid to go to school again because he does not want to experience a similar incident again.

His Aunty, Balikis Muhammed, who is currently nursing him, said he was discharged from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH ) on Thursday, adding that he is still on medication and has an appointment in the hospital next Thursday.

“His mother, Idera, is not feeling fine due to the shock from the incident; she is currently on admission in the hospital. When I saw him in the hospital last Thursday, when he woke up in the hospital, what he told us was that they bombed his school, everybody shook and it was not fair. He was shouting the name of his friend from the same school who was by his bed side, that one was asleep but Kabiru continuously shouted his name and was banging on his bed till that one woke up, opened his eyes, shouted Daddy.” she said

Another survival, Farouk Abimbola, Seven years old, in Primary 3, said he was in his class when the incident happened.

“We were in the class reading with our teacher when the building suddenly started shacking and it collapsed, I heard a loud sound and I saw pillars coming down. I later saw caterpillar then sand was covering my leg and my head; some people carried and removed me from the sand and took me to the hospital. My leg and my hand are still paining me” he said

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