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Is it still possible to be a virgin in this generation? Nigerian lady who lost her virginity on her wedding day opens up

With the rate of immorality and sexual prowess these days, it is not farfetched for teenagers to be led astray.

A Nigerian Lawyer, Ginikachi Nwabiem who is also a teen counsellor and coach has written a special message to teens concerning the value of virginity.

Preaching on her Facebook page, she shared a throwback photo from her wedding day five years ago which had the inscription “I lost my virginity this day, 5years ago”.

Her words:

In my SS1, a teacher walked into my class just before closing time and without formalities, she said: If you are a virgin stand up!

Now, i attended an all girls secondary school, a class has about 30 and more students. You want to know the number that stood up?

Maybe 15 or less. Yes, you read right!

Another scenario took place during my undergraduate days, a young man said in class “I doubt if we have virgins in this class”

The reality is, sex is seen somewhat seen as an achievement, especially amongst teenagers and young persons. Such that in a gathering of Teenagers, the person who has had sex is seen as a hero, others  gather round to hear the tale of his/her conquest. 

The virgin is somehow mocked. You hear words such as “that thing/place will rot for lack of use “, you will become impotent if you don’t do it before 18”, “you are having menstrual cramps because you have not had sex”. (Oya add the one you heard while growing up or still hear) Then, the classic phrase “how will you know how to do it if you don’t practice

A virgin refers to someone who has never had sexual intercourse or engaged in any sexual activity. 

So, is it possible to be a virgin in this generation?  YES

Is it still in VOGUE? YES
The same way cigarette manufacturers warns that smokers are liable to die young, some manufacturers of condoms still advice that ABSTINENCE is best. 

So, Dear Teen, 

Virginity is still in Vogue,
It saves you the guilt,
It saves you the trouble (STDs, unwanted pregnancies and all)
It helps you raise your head in Pride
It preserves your integrity
It ensures your overall sexual health.
And for the LIES,

Sex is not an Achievement!

It is not a test of your masculinity or femininity!
Virginity does not lead to impotence or cause menstrual cramps!
When the time comes, you will know how to “do the do”

Yes, you will know how to have sex.
It is an art, you will learn.
Be wise and healthy.




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