An Igbo woman identified as Aishat Obi, has disclosed her love for Islam religion after converting from Christianity.

According to her, she is proud to be an Igbo Muslim despite heavy backlash which might be associated with that.

Read what she shared on Facebook:

“Na waoooooo I don’t even have time for myself please friends what should I do? after escaping from office work. at home my Islamic teacher will not allow Me to rest. To convert to Islam is very very easy but to study and understand Islam is the problem to most of us.please my lovely brothers and sisters out their. No matter what you do bring out Time to study and understand the religion you are into.

No matter how busy or chansless you. Make out time for your Islamic study. I so much love my self as a Muslim. and am proud to be Igbo Muslim

I don’t know of you my Igbo Muslim brothers and sisters.

Are you happy and proud to be called Igbo Muslim? Because Islam has come to stay in Igbo land same way Christianity and other religion’s came.and their is nothing anybody can do about because God has already signed it long long time ago before I was even born. So who ever that can not live Whit us as brother and sister in our father’s land in Igbo land is free to relocate to another state.

We are now out to take what belong to us without the f of anybody. Do not be afraid of anybody for all they can do is to insult and call you names. as for threatening you just set a trap for that person then hand him/her over to the right Chanel just the same way I did. Believe me if at all he comes out from the Pitt he will never ever in his life threatene you or another Muslim person in his community.

In case you people want to known how we located and arrested the once that was threatening me. Please in box me. to me Islam is the best don’t just be a Muslim for mouth try and Lean deep about Islam by your self some times. don’t allow anybody to teach you what Islam did not say.preach the good massage of Islam.