‘It’s Because Of Men That I Don’t Want To Look For A Job’- Nigerian Lady Says

A beautiful Nigerian lady has opened up on how all her needs are being catered for by men which is why she does not work currently.

The lady who uses the Twitter ID @TheOliviaLife claimed that men have provided for her all her life and it is the reason why she does not want to look for a job.

She made this revelation after another lady on the platform spoke about how kind the men in her life have been to her.

‘The tweet stated:

‘The way Nigerian men talk about not being loved till they provide, you’d think they’re actual providers.’

Responding, Olivia said;

Not gonna lie, Nigerian men have provided for me for as long as I can remember.

”It’s because of them that I don’t need a job if I don’t want one.

”In fact, it’s because of Nigerian men that I’ve not moved to the abroad because WHO WILL GIVE ME A MONTHLY ALLOWANCE IN CANADA??? Ohoo”

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